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People recognize the Alamo by its distinctive architectural shape. But it is best remembered for the way it reshaped history—as a mission, as a battle site, as a symbol of freedom.

Our District

Our District

The Alamo Colleges District is a collective of five colleges in the Greater San Antonio area preparing students for the workforce and building futures.

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Alamo Colleges District leadership encompasses the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, Presidents & Vice Chancellors, and District Services Operations Councils and Committees. 

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Offices & Departments

The Alamo Colleges District offices support administrative efforts and provide services to the community at-large.  

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Strategy & Data

The Alamo Colleges District's strategic plan outlines the mission, vision, values statements, goals, and outcomes of the organization. Strategic Planning is an on-going process which aims for continuous improvement. 

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Compliance & Transparency

Compliance & Transparency

The district has requirements, obligations and important information to disclose to the public.  

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Baldrige Award

Baldrige Performance Excellence

On November 15, 2018, the Alamo Colleges District was named as a 2018 recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA).

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Jobs Across the Alamo Colleges District

Faculty and staff lead the way when it comes to fulfilling our mission of empowering our diverse communities for success, and working towards our vision of being the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence.

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Empowering our diverse communities for success.


The Alamo Colleges will be the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence.


The members of Alamo Colleges are committed to building individual and collective character through the following set of shared values in order to fulfill our vision and mission.

Students First

Can-Do Spirit



Respect for all

Data Informed

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